Designing with Geeks: KD Designs

On our new adventure we are starting a series of profiling geek fashion brands called Designing with Geeks. Our first interview is with Katie and her brand KD Designs, her designs really caught our attention and we thought these designs are the perfect place to kickoff our Designing with Geeks series. 

Fashioned for the Geek: Who are you and where are you from?

Katie: I'm a hard-of-hearing Los Angeles native, born and raised here. I went to Art Center for an illustration degree and then continued doing freelance work. I did storyboarding for independent films until I found my best fit-- graphic works for various projects. 

FG: What do you love about the geek lifestyle?

K: Imagination. The immense imagination involved. I love it because it's a great place where you explore new ideas and the impossible, and speculate about all the possibilities. For instance, if you're playing a game and you want to be an elf with a rocket launcher, it's possible! It might not make sense for the game's world, but there's always a way with some creative storytelling.  Also I love the people involved. They are some of the most creative and open minded people to be around. It's a great community to be part of!

FG: Why did you decided to start your geek lifestyle brand? Is there a story behind the brand?

K: As I was growing up as a hard of hearing person, it was a little challenging to find my footing for a while. I partly in the Deaf world and partly in the hearing world. However, I knew I was fully immersed in the geek world! I was chatting with a fellow geek friend who is deaf too, and we both agreed that there are geeks who would love the mashup of worlds, not just us. And that's how the shirts came to be! These shirts would not be possible without everyone’s support!

FG: Favorite geek fashion brands? 

K: Oh too many. I used to be obsessed with ThinkGeek's products, they have some really delightful things. I love shopping Artists' Alley at various cons-there is so much creativity there to see and bring home. 

FG: Favorite TV, movie, comic, geek hobbies, and other geeky stuff? 

K: I'm currently hooked on Doctor Who along with the Batman series and various independent comics. I'm most focused on tabletop games with friends these days.     

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Thank you Katie! We love your designs!