Sherlock Series 2: Irene Adler

The first trailer of Sherlock, A Scandal in Belgravia has arrived and like any Sherlock fan I am extremely excited! The story looks fantastic but what really caught my eye were the costumes, specifically Irene Adler’s. There is not much in the way of costume for Irene Adler for most of the trailer but there are two shots of Adler wearing beautiful green lace dressing gown and an embellished black dress or blouse (no full length shot).

The beautiful green lace peignoir, the peignoir was commonly worn when combing ones hair back in the 1800's. Today the peignoir is also known as a dress gown and many times will be made from a sheer fabric. I researched to find that specific peignoir and found absolutely nothing. I did find a wonderful vintage piece (no longer available) that was very close to the peignoir worn by Irene Adler.

Adler’s peignoir has bat wing sleeves with trim lining the neckline and made from a devilishly sheer fabric.

If you would like a peignoir of your own with hints of Irene Alder check out this peignoir. Designed by Carine Gilson she is known for having the ultimate underwear, Gilson uses high quality textiles and haute couture techniques to making mouth-wateringly gorgeous lingerie. Check out her website, the highlight of the website is the collection of images showing her lines from summer 2008 to winter 2012.

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