FIDM's Annual Television Costume Design Exhibit

Last Saturday I was able to peruse some fantastic television costume designs at the FIDM Museum & Galleries. If you have been to the FIDM Museum in Los Angeles then you know it is tiny but can carry a punch. For the past 6 years the FIDM Museum has been showing the Emmy nominated costume designs. You can’t take pictures but you do get a little booklet that is filled with information about the television show, costume designer, and time period.

There were a few pieces that I was incredibly excited to see and some that I didn't know but excited me into a costume induced tizzy. Boardwalk Empire was the first, the costume are very detailed, the color are so strong, and I felt as if I was looking at actual historic pieces.

From Boardwalk Empire I turned to find behind me Game of Thrones, another television show with highly detailed costumes. A costume standout was Daenerys Targaryen's, the detail would not be possible to see on television, the overdress is patterned with a sliver leaf print, a beautiful detail that is sadly lost on screen. All others were extremely detailed, fabrics that are embellished, and such a richness in color.

Just across the way were the Downton Abbey costumes, just as stunning in person, I was most excited to see my favorite. Sybil’s harem pants, a costume that most illustrates her character in my eyes. In person you are able to see sewing techniques used on the harem pants and the fine beading on Lady Mary, Dowager Countess of Grantham, and Isobel Crawley’s costumes.

Around and hidden in the corner was American Horror Story, a television show that I have now been completely sucked into after seeing the costumes. The costumes are a mix of historic, contemporary, and horror. Each costume on display was so strong and distinct. I was most excited by Rubber Man’s costume, it has a strong impact in person as it does on screen, it is not over the top and beautiful in its sleek and minimal design.

There were so many fantastic designs there, I enjoyed Sons of Anarchy for how grounded the designs felt, Revenge for the strong pattern and textured designs of the men, and The Fresh Beat Band for the utility and nicely executed dinosaurs. Overall it was a great experience and I cannot wait for next!


This exhibit ends October 20, 2012 so do check it out!

The FIDM Museum & Galleries also shows the Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design. This takes place early in the year so mark your calendars!

As a side note while writing this I started to read the booklet that came with the exhibit and sadly it put me off, I had a really wonderful time and this was a big letdown, let’s just say sources were not cited.

Thank you to Frocktalk for taking some wonderful pictures!

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