BURGER OF THE DAY: THE COD-TUME DESIGN BURGER (comes with a side of cod) $5.95

Fashioned for the Geek loves Bob’s Burgers and since 2011 the Belcher family has been exploring zombie butts, fart sounds, and Spiceps. The costumes are in classic cartoon style, wardrobes that are filled with the same items, but in many special moments the Belcher family has branched out to some seriously fun costumes. Here is a list of Fashioned for the Geek’s favorite costume moments.

Fart School for the Gifted (The Frond Files Season 4 Episode 12):  A throwback to bright windbreakers and big hair, Gene is truly at his best in this episode.

Tina’s Birthday Dress (Sheesh! Cab, Bob? Season 1 Episode 6): The pink fluff and large bow is perfect for Tina and reminiscent of many coming of age party stories.

Linda wearing Gene’s mask (Synchronized Swimming Season 2 Episode 3): An entertaining moment in the life of the Belchers.

Boxcar Gene (The Kids Rob a Train Season 4 Episode 15): “I have to go back for my bandanna, it’s made of cotton!” A fun expression of Gene and homage to Dexys Midnight Runners.

Helen (It Snakes a Village Season 3 Episode 18): You can’t go wrong in high waisted animal print pants and a pink tube top.

The Topsy routine (Topsy Season3 Episode 16): Gene wearing a very good Thomas Edison and Tina in a homemade Topsy, this musical moment shines bright through the series.

Halloween DIY (Full Bars Season 3 Episode 2): The homemade costumes of childhood, right on the nose.  

The Ta Tas look (Purple Rain-Union Season 4 Episode 6): “Are you a rock and roll hobo?” Big hair and big shoulders, this episode explores the fantasy, high school, and present day Linda look.

Slumber party fashion show, looking good from head to toe (Slumber Party Season 4 Episode 9): “Ooh rain poncho and sunglasses, forecast calls for fabulous!” The slumber party pajamas and recycled clothing fashion show, very reminiscent of many of my childhood slumber party experiences.

What are your favorites?

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