Top 3 Hot Topic Fashion Collections of 2016

Hot Topic will be celebrating its 30th year in the retail industry next year! The clothing and accessories company has come a long way in the past 29 years, having expanded from music apparel to fashion collections inspired by popular licenses, such as Star Wars, Suicide Squad, Assassin’s Creed, and much more.

In 2015, Hot Topic had a handful of clothing lines, but in the past year alone, the company doubled that number and released over 10 fashion collections from a variety of television shows and movies. That’s nearly one collection per month, and Hot Topic shows no signs of stopping, having started the new year with the release of the Gotham Knights prom collection.

Before Hot Topic wows us with another stunning apparel line, here are my top 3 Hot Topic fashion collections from 2016:


3. Once Upon a Time

Hot Topic doesn’t solely focus on blockbuster movies. Some of their inspiration also comes from hit television shows, such as Outlander and Doctor Who. One of my favorite collections released last year was inspired by ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Anyone who watches the show will tell you that the main characters wear amazing costumes, from Emma’s signature red jacket to Regina’s impeccable dresses. For the limited-edition collection, the designers did a spectacular job in capturing those iconic details as well as the sophistication of the Evil Queen’s jaw-dropping wardrobe. Not only that, but various pieces from the collection average at 5 stars with many customers stating that the clothes are flattering, comfortable, and made with high quality fabric.



2. Outlander

Plaid never goes out of style, and this collection is proof of that. Outlander is a series I haven’t seen yet, but Hot Topic convinced me to add it to my must-watch list once the chic and stylish fashion collection was released back in October. It also convinced me to add more muted plaids into my wardrobe because believe it or not, plaid works in any ensemble and in so many ways. When it comes to this clothing line, fans of the show will tell you that they adore the attention to detail and how certain features inspired by the characters, such as the Celtic-inspired buttons and the iconic tartan plaid, are present throughout the collection. Not only that, but the entire clothing line makes you feel like you’re part of your own historical romance, and as someone who is a hopeless romantic, that is certainly a plus.



1. Fantastic Beasts

The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them fashion collection transforms and transports you into a whole different world and era. It’ll honestly make you want to party like it’s the 1920s. Both magical and elegant, you can’t help but be in awe of the flapper-esque, vintage style that also comes across as modern and whimsical. The collection is also surprisingly versatile because you can wear the clothes to work, a Sunday brunch, or a comic convention. With details such as wand pockets, embroidered floral designs, lace and satin underlays, and subtle and sophisticated prints, the Fantastic Beasts fashion collection is one of the most beautiful and unique collections to come out of Hot Topic.


It makes you wonder what the leading geek fashion company will do this year. With Wonder Woman, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, The Last Jedi, and many more movies and televisions shows coming out later this year, we can only imagine!

Johnamarie Macias is a geek fashion enthusiast from New York City with a passion for all things Star Wars. She is the owner of and co-host on the Jedi News Network podcast dedicated to Star Wars and geek fashion, Galactic Fashion. Follow @BlueJaigEyes on Twitter and Instagram for her personal thoughts and other highlights. Also, follow @GalacticFashion on Twitter and @galacticfashiontwg on Instagram, where Johnamarie keeps fans and listeners informed with Star Wars fashion updates.