Gifs, Emoji, and Diversity: Selfie Review

This fall ABC is bring us Selfie, a 21st century retelling of Pygmalion. Selfie is the story of Eliza Dooley (Karen Gillan), social media obsessed crawling her way to enlightenment with the help of Henry Higenbottam (John Cho). Fashioned for the Geek has been very excited about Selfie, as a Doctor Who fan and a strong supporter of increased Asian American representation in the media.

The pilot episode of Selfie is a quick introduction and drops the viewers right into the meat of the story. Costume designer Danielle Launzel accomplishes the same, starting Eliza Dooley in less than work appropriate design and transitioning to a design that is reminiscent of her vapid state but much softer, using knits and pattern tights to bring the costume story together. Danielle Launzel has brought the viewer to the middle ground of this changing woman. Selfie takes a more extreme route, showing an overblown usage of social networking lingo and connectivity being another limb. The characters are fluffed out versions of the 20-somethings of today, but I think Selfie will truly touch the generation saturated by emojis, gifs, and forever scroll.  

Selfie also is brings to the table more diversity, an Asian American leading male, with romance on the horizon, this is fantastic and very new for television. Fashioned for the Geek is excited for the upcoming season, should be interesting. Watch the pilot on Hulu

Selfie premieres September 30, 2014

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