Hannibal: The Verger Siblings

Tailored elegance is a trademark of the Verger siblings design, Margot and Mason Verger have very special designs in relation to each other. Similar to Hannibal and Will, costume designer Christopher Hargadon truly knows how to pair characters together using design. The design of Mason and Margot Verger together is very striking, there is an old world quality to their designs that intertwines and highlights them within the show.

Margot had a very striking first appearance, a crisp white collared shirt and a wide silver necklace. With feminine touches and a strong sharp design giving the viewer a peek at who Margot Verger is. Margot Verger's design has moved away from the other female characters, she has a heightened tailored look depending on her current situation. Pairing this with saturated colors or patterns makes for a telling costume design.


Mason Vergers entered in a cream colored coat, fur collar framing his face, and underneath a light suit with all the accessories in place. I like to think of him as the old-timey villain that makes children cry and feeds people to pigs. Mason's costumes have a flamboyant touch, he is sharply dressed and perfectly overdone for his job. Mason Verger has the look of a spoiled child in a not too distant past, this is accomplished by fur collar of his coat mixing with his tailored suit, a fantastic design.


Together the Verger siblings are powerful, as a pair the characters have beauty in tailoring, colors that are opposing in saturation, and tragedy. In their first moments on screen, the coats and pins at the neck are all reflections, the differences are held within the color. Similar to Hannibal, Mason Verger is light in color as he takes horrible action against his sister . The Verger family is a goldmine for designers and Hargadon uses it wonderfully.


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